Sunday, November 02, 2008

Maximizing Waste Management Efficiency through the Use of RFID

Today we look at the research of Maximizing Waste Management Efficiency through the Use of RFID by Josh Wyatt from Texas Instruments.

Josh Wyatt is an RFID applications/systems engineer for the Texas Instruments RFID
Systems Group.

Increasing recycling and reducing disposal, while making the fee structures equitable, are the primary waste management operations poised to benefit from low frequency RFID technology.

As cities and corporations seek to improve their waste collection processes, RFID technology presents an opportunity to maximize waste management efficiency. With RFID, the process is automated, and has the potential to provide improved value for the waste management companies and the communities/citizens they serve. Additionally, the environmental impact is yet another incentive and positive byproduct of implementing change in the manual system.

In models that implement a PAYT system, individuals are more inclined to reduce, reuse or recycle if they are charged for the amount of waste they produce and are credited in some way for the amount of recyclable material they place out for collection. The hauler companies have an interest in better understanding the true cost structure of their businesses and how they can be more effective and thus, improve their processes. The RFID piece of the equation plays a pivotal
role in the waste management industry because it introduces a proven, rugged, low maintenance, unique identifier that the collection and billing processes can use to truly automate the system.

Texas Instruments, with its application experience in waste management, offers low frequency RFID solutions that automate and improve the entire waste collection process.

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