Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hierarchy of Solid Waste Management

Used to rank actions to implement programs within the community.

A. Source reduction
B. Recycling/reuse
C. Waste transfor.
D. landfilling

E.g. ISWM hierarchy adopted by the US EPA...

A. Source reduction can be achieved by design, manufacture and packaging of products also selective buying and reuse.

B. Recycling helps to reduce the demand on resources and decreases the amount to be landfilled. It involves

* Separation and collection of waste materials
* Preparation of these materials for reuse,reprocessing and remanufacture.

C. Waste transformation is supplied by altering the waste physically, chemically, and biologically (decreases the amount to be landfilled)

D. Landfilling is ultimately used for, SW that cannot be recycled and of no further
use,residual matter after SW separated in materials recovery facility (MRF), Residual matter after recovery of conversion products or energy.

Planning an integrated waste system for a given region should involve comparison of the environmental impacts and economic costs of different schemes to determine which are environmentally and economically sustainable in that region

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