Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sources, Types and Composition of SW

SWs can be seperated into 4 main category as follows;

1- Municipal Solid Wastes
2- Industrial Solid Wastes
3- Agricultural Solid Wastes
4- Treatment Plant sites, incinerators

Solid Waste Management Activities

The activities associated with the management of Solid Waste can be grouped into six fuctional groups;

1- Waste Generation.
This step is simply identification step.

2- Waste handling and seperation, storage, and processing at the source.
Handling and separation activities until placed in storage containers. From the stand point of materials specifications and revenues from the sale of recovered metarials, best place to seperate for reuse and recyling.

3- Collection
Gathering of the solid waste and recyclables.

4- Seperation and processing and transformation of solid wastes.
Seperation and processing usually occurs at metarials recovery center (MRF), transfer station, combustion facilities, disposal sites.

5- Transfer and transport.

6- Disposal
Landfilling is the final fate of the all solids.