Sunday, March 07, 2010

Incineration of municipal and hazardous solid wastes

"Incineration of municipal and hazardous solid wastes" was written by David A. Tillman, Amadeo J. Rossi, Katherine M. Vick in 1989. It is a pioneer reference book for scientists and engineers work on solid waste disposal industry.

Environmental protection starts with solid waste disposal especially in munical areas. Growing consumption brings the problem of storage of refuse. Electronical wastes, domestic wastes and hazardous wastes are scaring problems of today's goverments.

In this book people can find academical researchs and datas which gained by years experience on solid waste disposal techniques.

These are the identification tags of the Incineration of municipal and hazardous solid wastes
- ISBN: 0126912459
- Publisher: Academic Pres, San Diego


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