Saturday, October 03, 2009

Extruders (Granule)


Extrusion is the final step of the plastic material process in many application. Smooth materials are recycled by extruders granule extrusion line.

Extruders machine manufacturers take into account the sizes of plastic particles. Efficiency of plastic recycle is depend on mainly extruder manucturers quality.

"Ustun Is" Makina is the one of the biggest extruder manufacturer in Middle East and Europe for solid waste recycle industry.

You can look the pictures of the machine via our website.

Such extruder machines are capable of recycling refuse, indusry solid waste, domestical waste, household waste and plastic production in granular system for the followings; ABS-LDPE-HDPE- PE PP- PS- PC- SAN

Capacity of the extruder: 100 kg/h to 1200 kg/h.

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