Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Refuse Type, Amount and Incinerator Discharge

The incinerator be capable of handling garbage and rubbish up to a size limited only by the dimensionas of hopper door; larger-size refuse to be directly to the basement incinerators.

Inflammable refuse such as paint and lacquer containers, aerosol cans not be placed in flue-fed incinerators.

For design purposes, 2 pounds of refuse per person per day be assumed, with a unit weight per cubic foot of app. 5 pounds and that refuse be considered to comprise, by weight, 80% rubbish and 20% garbage, with heat content of 6000 Btu per pound.

Incinerator discharge is done by followings;

1- Particulate matter such as fly ash.
2- Smoke and opaque materials such as unburned hydracarbons, and
3- Odors emanating from one or a combination of such incineration products.

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